Kore Technologies Presents at Datatel Users Group Meeting

Kore Technologies partner Frank Kertai gave a presentation titled Integrated SQL Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence for Datatel Colleague at the combined 3CDUG / CHUGADUG Datatel (Ellucian) User Group meeting held on July 18 and July 19, 2012 at the WoodlandCommunity College campus.

The session was designed to help the Colleague user community bridge the gap between their Rocket UniData database and Microsoft SQL Server to enable building a powerful enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence solution. Building an effective data warehouse for reporting is easy if you use the right tools, take the right approach, and follow best practices. Kertai explained how to use Kourier Integrator with SQL Accelerator and Kore’s Operational Data Store (ODS) for Colleague to get a SQL data warehouse up and running quickly and then use Rocket Software’s CorVu Business Intelligence software to build world class reports and dashboards.

To receive a copy of Kertai’s presentation, or for more details on how to leverage both MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server database environments to get the best of both worlds, contact Kore Technologies at