Kore Technologies to Present at MultiValue Conference

Kore Technologies’ Mark Dobransky is hosting a breakout session titled “MultiValue Integration and Data Warehousing Trends” at the International Spectrum conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  Dobransky, who is  managing partner and a co-founder of Kore, plans to talk about key BI and integration trends impacting the MultiValue industry and also highlight the new integration capabilities of Kourier Integrator 4.1, said Anita Mackie, marketing assistant at Kore Technologies, Kourier Integrator can build a near real-time Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from MultiValue and non-MultiValue data sources. It also enables real-time integration to third-party applications via RESTful Web Services. 

“More people want to integrate outside of their ERP systems to products like, planning systems, and advanced scheduling systems,” noted Keith Lambert, vice president for marketing and business development at Kore. “With Kourier Integator 4.1, we allow that outbound and inbound integration - so we can do that bi-directional integration that we really couldn’t do as easily as we can now supporting XML and file format.”

The enhanced integration capability also provides the opportunity to work with other MultiValue products not just UniVerse and UniData, said Lambert, “because we can pull data from just about anything with our ODBC connectivity. The product is more open now and we hope to engage other application providers and see how we can help them do things that we have been for UniVerse and UniData as well.”

Dobransky make his presentation at Spectrum on Wednesday, April 9, at 10 am PT, said Mackie. In addition, Kore Technologies will be at Booth #11 in the main showroom to showcase Kourier Integrator, KommerceServer, webPortal and webStoreFront, as well as the business intelligence solution CorVu NG from its partner Rocket Software.

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