Kore to Release Version 4.4 of Kourier Integrator, Enhancing Key Features of APIs

Kore Technologies is releasing the latest update to its signature platform, Kourier Integrator, focusing on enhancing two areas - REST APIs and new API documentation.

The latest release introduces a new Subscription capability for published REST APIs. This gives developers the ability to Subscribe to published REST APIs to get changes from the source application as they occur, instead of having to manually ask for changes repeatedly. This is done via Webhooks.               

Essentially, this new tool will notify API subscribers of changes or deletes to specific data sets from the source application and it enhances the developer’s toolkit for application integration, giving them another way to communicate in real-time with other applications. It does not replace the ability to read or write data in real-time.

“We are making it easier for API consumers to interact with legacy U2 systems,” said Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner. “It breathes more life into your business system because you can communicate with outside systems.”

Additionally, 4.4 of Integrator adds the abilityproduce REST API documentation in Swagger format, an emerging standard for REST documentation.

The tool is now integrated into the Kourier Integrator API development process, improving the productivity of building API documentation.

API consumers will have better documentation of the published APIs and it will be easier for them to consume the APIs. API developers can Preview their APIs in Swagger format while building the API, which helps to visualize the interface more easily. This gives users the ability to generate and save the Swagger document file for website publication, which can be customized as needed.

This particular release is targeted at API developers and the API consumers who use the APIs to communicate through the applications with these developed API, said Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and business development at Kore. “The Subscriptions and Swagger documents are going to help both sides of the equation.”

The company will continue to aggressively keep up with emerging standards, Dobransky explained. “We’re very connected with our clients, so we’re constantly getting feedback and trying to roll that into products as quickly as possible,” Lambert said.

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