Kourier Integrator 4.6 Evolves REST Capabilities

Kore Technologies, a provider of enterprise integration and eCommerce solutions, is releasing version 4.6 of Kourier Integrator Data Management, further opening up REST capabilities.

“What we’re doing is integrating external systems to ERP systems and opening up REST capability,” said Keith Lambert, VP, marketing and business development, Kore Technologies. “We’re seeing a lot of third party cloud based apps exposing their integrations with REST and they want to integrate those systems with REST APIs.”

This has led to the creation of REST-as-a-client, a full real time bidirectional application that enables the application to talk between systems.

“This empowers those enterprises to do full integration across the enterprise in real-time,” Lambert said.

Instead of coding, the web interface will create the APIs -- borrowing from the “clicks, not code” metaphor Kore stands up to.

Kore will then build connectors and adapters to external applications to support a variety of integrations, according to Lambert.

“Most companies now are moving to real-time as these cloud based applications open up these systems and allow us to talk to them,” Lambert said.

A shipping logistical optimization company, ORTEC, is already using the updated Kourier platform, explained Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner, Kore Technologies.

ORTEC assist trucks as they send out goods to customers. So far the Kourier update has helped with the correct packing and delivery of the goods.

The information goes through a cloud application which then crunches the data so an effective routing strategy emerges.

“They use Kourier to send that information,” said Dobransky.

Moving forward, the company will build out more connectors based on customer demand, according to Dobransky

“Our goal is to make the developer in the MultiValue environment be as efficient and effective as possible,” Dobransky said.

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