Kourier Integrator Release 4.1.5 Strengthens Support for Non-U2 Data Sources

Kore Technologies has released a new version of Kourier Integrator, the company’s enterprise data management suite for data warehousing and application integration. The 4.1.5 release continues to strengthen Kourier’s support for external non-U2 data sources, and provides clients with more options and flexibility when designing ODBC-type exports to extract and transform data, according to Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and business development at Kore.

New ODBC Export Enhancements include “ODBC from Statement” type exports (ODBC to SQL and ODBC to File); support for Related files (groups of similarly designed files) to Statement-type ODBC exports, saving design time by enabling one Export Specification to process many files; the ability to easily convert a Table-type ODBC export to a Statement-type export; the ability to perform any SQL command on a source/target ODBC connection from within a Service; and a new Test command for the ODBC Connections page, making it easy to confirm that the connection is working correctly.

In addition, the User Interface adds a new "Save and Stay" feature for all Export and Import Specification pages, which improves workflow by allowing a user to save pending changes and validate user-defined formulas without leaving their page. The user interface also provides new “Quick Filters” within list views, improving workflow and navigation, especially when working with a large number of exports.

Additional new features in the release include a “Run Packages” command to Kourier Services, enabling the user to manually run one or more SSIS packages that are associated with a Service;  the ability to edit rejected Inbound transactions in the Message Queue so that users can quickly make corrections and then re-process the transaction; the ability to create Integration (i.e., project) property value lists,  supporting dynamic look-up tables and data substitution across a project; and an enhanced Outbound RESTful interface to support larger data sets.

The next major release of Kourier Integrator, Release 4.2, is planned for Q3 2014, and will include support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

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