MITS Releases New Version of MITS Discover OLAP Platform

MITS, a provider of advanced reporting and analytics solutions, has introduced a new release of MITS Discover, an online analytics processing (OLAP) technology platform that provides easy-to-use tools for tracking and capitalizing on company patterns and trends, including sales, profitability, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. “MITS Discover 8.0 is the culmination of over a year and a half of intense effort, and several enhancements we included in this release were based on predicted future requests from our user base. This customer-focused approach is designed to maximize user satisfaction in what is already a highly regarded data analysis and reporting tool,” says Mickey Lass, vice president, MITS Sales & Business Development.

Upgrades in Discover 8.0 include:

Drill-Across Feature: MITS is a pioneer in the field of navigating and analyzing company data. The new Drill-Across feature allows the user to isolate a piece of data and ‘step-back’ to look at it in the context of the whole organization, quickly and easily. This drill-across from a detailed report or from a summarized dashboard to a detailed scorecard opens up new avenues for data analysis. For example, during a sales analysis if an organization notices that one customer has stopped buying a certain product completely, in the past, investigating whether or not this sales decline was widespread might have involved manually reconfiguring each and every customer’s scorecard for proof. Now, the organization can quickly select a particular piece of dead stock and “drill across” the entire company looking for – and correcting – patterns of sales decline.

Customized Landing Page: Discover 8.0 now allows users to designate any dashboard, scorecard, or report as their primary homepage. Now, when an organization launches Discover, the information most important to it will be the first thing that is seen. An executive may choose a high-level dashboard to get a daily snapshot of the health of the entire company while a territory rep may choose a dashboard that delivers a report of that month’s sales within his designated territory.

New Report Wizard: In the past, if an organization wanted to trend data over time, it would need to select the columns, create the report, add the calculations showing trend and difference, add a filter, and add a sort. The new report wizard combines these actions into one simple step. If, for example, the organization is trying to find the customers who generate the most trouble tickets in any given period, it first would select the trouble ticket data, and next pick the timeframe of comparison (month to month, quarterly, year over year, etc.). Finally, it would click create and the wizard will deliver a sortable list of the biggest users of tech support resources to the desktop, allowing the organization to look for commonalities and develop a plan of mitigation.

Updated User Management: Discover 8.0 features an all new, web-based user administration tool, eliminating the need for a static location running the Discover administration module. Further, user records can now be displayed with permissions merged in from a user’s assigned templates. This is a significant time saver and can even alert IT administration if there is a conflict with a user’s permissions.

“Whether you’re new to MITS Discover, or are currently using it and thinking of upgrading, you’re going to find a lot of value in the 8.0 release,” says Lass. “For everyday users, the improvements will make access to their information that much easier and more useful. For the IT group that supports Discover, the web-based administration tool really cuts the cord, allowing them to access and modify the system from anywhere in the world.”

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