MV Vendors Look to the Role of MV in the Future

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Corey Luckow, VP, Strategic Development, Zumasys

Microsoft’s 2017 announcement of SQL running on Linux and continued development of its NoSQL DocumentDB database tells us that the market is embracing alternative approaches to application design and delivery. The focus has shifted to the end-user experience and application logic and less on the database running the application. The most notable trends in 2017 will be the continued development of JavaScript-based frameworks which will power the delivery of applications across the web through RESTful services and the continued rise in popularity of high performing and scalable NoSQL databases.

Ironically, the market’s widespread adoption of “new thinking” plays well for MultiValue. Freed from the confines of relational thinking, the new generation of application developers can see Multi-Value as just another NoSQL document database that has its place in the evolving landscape of technology. The challenge for MultiValue database vendors will be to embrace this shift and provide application developers with a familiar and robust way to access data and business logic.

Inspired by input from the next generation of application developers, Zumasys’ development team will reveal a platform to meet these demands. Native RESTful Services in jBASE 5.6 allows us to achieve this and is an enhancement Zumasys is extremely excited about for 2017. Developers can now unleash the power of their application and communicate in a modern way with web services and SaaS applications, such as Salesforce and NetSuite. These innovations will allow our customers’ time-proven intellectual property to take advantage of the latest technological trends that are transforming the world of business.

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