MultiValue Continues to Evolve as Several Solutions Chart on DBTA’s Trend-Setting Products List for 2020

With the closing of one year comes another and this time a whole new decade awaits. Every year Database Trends and Applications magazine looks for offerings that promise to help organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make decisions faster, and do so with higher levels of security.

Key data management trends have emerged that are shaping the capabilities of IT products and services for 2020 and beyond.

Several MV leaders including Kore Technologies, Revelation Software, and Rocket Software are gearing up for challenges in the upcoming year.

Kourier Integrator, Kore's flagship enterprise integration and data management suite, provides ETL and enterprise application integration capabilities that help organizations extend the value and functionality of their enterprise applications by integrating and connecting with disparate databases and best-in-class applications.

“The speed of business continues to increase as do the expectations of end users. To ensure that data is always available and up-to-date, RESTful Web Services are the preferred technology for synchronous, real-time integration between applications,” said Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner, Kore Technologies. “Kourier REST continues to evolve and support these requirements by providing a comprehensive bi-directional real-time integration platform for MultiValue systems.”

Revelation’s signature product, OpenInsight, is a NoSQL database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications along with a redesigned integrated development environment, 64-bit architecture integration, new security updates, and more.

“OpenInsight 10 might be the most visually appealing, intuitive, MultiValue development tool on the market today,” said Mike Ruane, President and CEO, Revelation Software. “Whether you and your staff have been developing since Dick Pick was still cutting code, or you have new hires just coming out of school, OpenInsight will let you leverage your skills and expertise to create brand new applications, or update and modernize your current offerings.”

UniVerse, a component of Rocket's MultiValue application platform, is a fast, flexible data server for developing enterprise apps, and its variable length, table-within-table architecture means speedy data access and low maintenance with user interfaces for Windows, Linux, and UNIX.