MultiValue Job Processor Product Launched by Marc Kahn Software LLC

Marc Kahn Software LLC has announced the product launch of the Multi-Value Phantom Job Processor (MVPJP). According to the company, MVPJP helps to increase the efficiency of operations by scheduling and automating jobs to be run in the background. It runs as an application within a MultiValue database environment and is designed to be managed by non-technical personnel. 

The core functionality of MVPJP was developed in 2005 as a tightly integrated add-on to Columbia Ultimate's "The Collector System,"  and met with a high level of acceptance in that marketplace, according to Marc Kahn.  "Since its usefulness can be realized in the much larger MultiValue database market, I see what looks like a great opportunity and have decided to go for it," says Kahn. The original software has now been modified to run on any MVDB platform which supports background processing. The product currently supports jBASE, UniVerse, and D3 and can be ported to other environments as well, says Kahn.

In addition to running the scheduled jobs automatically, MVPJP offers a Phantom Console program for schedule maintenance and monitoring; an audit trail of historical events; email notification of process completion and other phantom events; and flexible query screens to assist in managing the background tasks.

"Typically, the computer operations department is looked upon as a cost center and not a profit center. Therefore, the managers are always under pressure to be more efficient, to work smarter and not harder," observes Kahn.  "MVPJP is a valuable, time-tested tool to make computer operations more efficient and cost-effective."

A free 90-day trial is available. For more information, go to