MultiValue Keeps Up With Cloud Evolution

As the cloud continues to change the way people interact with data, one MultiValue company is helping its users get accustomed to all the new capabilities this new deployment model brings to long-established systems.  

“The cloud makes a level playing field for all companies regardless of size,” said Mark Pick, president and CEO of Pick Cloud.  “At Pick Cloud, we like to say you don’t need a Fortune 500 budget for Fortune 500 equipment. The cloud makes PICK MultiValue applications even more resilient by providing a safe, secure off premise environment with nearly 100% uptime.”

According to Pick, Pick Cloud enables resellers and end users to extend the life of their PICK/MultiValue system by offering the products and services on the cloud cost effectively so resellers can in turn offer a complete solution at a competitive price. 

Some users are more reticent than others to try it, Pick explained. But once they do, and see how easy it is to access and use, most move some portion of their business to the cloud such as their backup or development servers.

The company provides many ways to help ease PICK MultiValue customers into a cloud environment from short-term server leasing to hosting their secondary backup servers.

“We offer OpenQM DBaaS which allows a cost effective solution for development and testing,” Pick said. “We also provide a free 15 day trial. Once people see how easy it is, they tend to move all or a portion of their servers to the cloud.”

The future for MV and cloud is very bright, Pick said.  “There are many PICK MultiValue companies who could benefit from a cloud solution,” Pick said.  “I always tell my on-premise clients, if you're not in the cloud today you will be tomorrow!”

According to Pick, the company’s goal for the future is to continue to position Pick Cloud, Inc. as the leading database cloud provider for the MultiValue market and to be the trusted partner to the MultiValue community IT decision makers.

“All this can be achieved while preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue applications through smarter processes and more efficient technology,” Pick said.