MultiValue Reaches a New Milestone

The PICK MultiValue community recently celebrated another milestone as PICK date, a count of days since December 31, 1967, turned over to 19000.

Developers using any of the MultiValue products will now start seeing current dates starting with 19 rather than 18 as they peruse raw data.

“This is a major milestone that showcases the strength and longevity of the PICK MultiValue System,” says Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys. “There aren’t many currently supported computer systems that can say they’ve been in use for 52 years.”

To celebrate Day 19000, an updated version of the MultiValue Family Tree poster is now available from where it can be downloaded immediately or ordered in print form.

This special edition poster incorporates “Pick Date 19000” in its copyright.

Additional interviews and research, as well as graphic redesign, went into producing this new version of the poster.

The poster is a living document, and suggestions for its improvement are encouraged.

Enthusiasts with knowledge of the industry are welcome to share their ideas at