MultiValue Vendors Continue to Gain Recognition for Another Year on DBTA’s Trend-Setting Products List for 2023

Delivering technology alone will not be enough in 2023 as we move into a post-COVID landscape. Many companies are dealing with a hybrid workforce while also moving to become more sustainable and accustomed to new ways of integrating emerging technologies such as AI.

To help make the process of identifying useful products and services easier, each year, DBTA presents a list of Trend-Setting Products. These products, platforms, and services range from long-established offerings that are evolving to meet the needs of their loyal constituents, to breakthrough technologies that may only be in the early stages of adoption. However, the common element for all is that they represent a commitment to innovation and seek to provide organizations with tools to address changing market requirements.

Several MV leaders including Kore Technologies, Revelation Software, and Rocket Software continue to meet the new challenges of each year and again top this list.

Kourier Integrator is an enterprise integration and data management suite providing ETL and EAI capabilities that help organizations modernize and extend the functionality of their enterprise applications by enabling them to integrate and connect with SaaS solutions, applications, websites, and disparate databases.

“The recent pandemic exposed weaknesses in the supply chain, forcing companies to look for new ways to improve processes, streamline operations, and reduce costs,” said Keith Lambert, vice president, marketing and business development, Kore Technologies. “To support our clients, Kore has developed Connectors using Kourier REST for popular applications such as: Tecsys WMS, ServiceTitan, Echo Logistics, Synchrogistics, SAP Concur, and Salesforce. Kourier REST provides a real-time integration platform for MultiValue that simplifies integration with these applications while maximizing security, data access, and enforcement of your ERP business rules.”

OpenInsight is a NoSQL MultiValue database development suite that provides a foundation of tools for application developers to create, deploy, and maintain critical database solutions for Windows environments, enabling solutions to scale alongside its enterprise.

“2022 will mark the 30th year since OpenInsight was first released. It was the first graphical release of a MultiValue database and graphical user interface, and we modestly believe that we’re the best GUI MV product. We also like to think that we’ve kept the Open in OpenInsight, as evidenced by our ability to use multiple backends, or for other front ends to use our backend,” said Mike Ruane, president and CEO, Revelation Software.

UniVerse is a data server deployable to the cloud or on-premises for developing enterprise applications with a variable length, table-withintable architecture to increase data access speeds, performance of storage, and resource management capabilities, as well as reduce maintenance, implementation complexity, and operation costs of server management— accompanied with interfaces for Windows, Linux, and UNIX.

“Here at Rocket Software, we’re committed to ensuring Rocket UniVerse is performant, secure, and easy to use with modern features and supporting tools,” said Kathy Larson, senior manager, product marketing, application modernization, Rocket Software. “What makes UniVerse trend setting? If you’re a customer, you’ll find features you’ve been asking for such as BASIC Code Profiling for insight into application performance analysis so you can quickly determine bottlenecks and performance improvement areas in your BASIC code.”