MultiValue Vendors Gear Up for Another Year of Rapid Digital Transformation

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Julianna Cammarano, Director, Product Management, Rocket Software

Rocket Software helps customers bring new life to their Rocket

MultiValue applications. Without making major changes to the underlying technology, MultiValue customers can preserve their business and proprietary logic and maximize their investment in MV.

In 2021, Rocket continues its commitment to helping customers increase productivity and spur modernization.

Increasing business opportunities and monetizing data by joining and thriving in the API economy: Using Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) to expose years of MV business logic and data via APIs, our customers can leverage newer, feature-rich applications for a competitive edge while benefiting from automatic Swagger definitions, which are easy to understand, test, and consume—opening business opportunities with partners and third-party vendors.

Attracting new development talent to support retiring developers: Rocket MV provides native Python language support. As a top language that new developers learn in school, Python also allows BASIC developers to leverage the Python open source library which contains hundreds of thousands of solutions for quickly adding new features. Developers can also access MV data and existing business rules that are stored in a Rocket MV environment. The release of Rocket UniObjects for Python (UOPY) with Rocket U2 Python means developers can use Python on the server and client tiers.

Rocket MV in 2021

In 2020, we hosted 18 virtual MultiValue University (MVU) educational events covering a wide range of topics to help our customers as they pivoted to a “work-from-home” environment. We’ll continue MVU sessions in 2021. Also in 2020, in response to customer demand, we ran the MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code Alpha. This new product will be rolled out in phases in 2021. Another addition in 2021 is the introduction of the Cloud Roadmap to help guide the growing number of Rocket MV customers moving to the cloud.

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