MultiValue Vendors Gear Up for Another Year of Rapid Digital Transformation

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Paul Giobbi, President, Zumasys

If we’ve learned anything from last year, it is how to adapt both in our business and personal lives.

One of PICK’s most unique traits is its “adaptability” and its ability to fit your business’ exact needs, which is one reason I am particularly optimistic about this new year. I believe we will continue to evolve.

I’m optimistic that PICK applications will survive and thrive—but only if we train new talent, teach our existing developers new skills, adopt modern open

source web application frameworks, and embrace the DevOps movement.

Today’s open source web application frameworks by Google and Facebook are powerful and fast enough for you to put a new interface on your application. It’s easy to modernize your PICK application using RESTful APIs and front-end web standards such as Angular and Vue.js.

MVConnect affordably enables RESTful Web Services for D3, jBASE, OpenQM, UniVerse, and UniData and there is no proprietary vendor lock-in.

You hear a lot about IT modernization these days. But what does that really mean? For a lot of customers, modernization means migrating off aging hardware and onto a more modern application infrastructure such as a cloud or virtual platform.

From the Zumasys point of view, modernizing means decoupling any legacy infrastructure items that your PICK MultiValue system is on or is integrated with. That legacy infrastructure makes up what I like to refer to as

“IT debt.”

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