MultiValue Vendors Gear Up for Another Year of Rapid Digital Transformation

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Mark Pick, President and CEO, Pick Cloud

Looking back at 2020, it has been a year we wish we could all forget and yet, at the same time, it has been a year we will always remember.

The Big Pivot

Even before the pandemic, companies were making the transition to the cloud. Now that more MultiValue companies are being forced to work remotely, we have seen a larger shift. In a majority of the cases we have seen, COVID-19 has accelerated the decision to make the transition.

Clients who were on the fence had to make the decision and do it quickly, as office buildings were considered an unsafe place to work. Once the move was made, companies saw firsthand the benefits the cloud has to offer. It is flexible, secure, cost-effective, and accessible from anywhere 24/7/365. With the benefits, also come changes with how people do things.

For example, MultiValue customers have to access the cloud differently. A typical telnet connection is way too risky, as data is transmitted in clear text and not encrypted. Adding secure VPNs and secure connections like SSH with key-pairs makes for a more reliable secure method. While this methodology is different, it is for the better as the client’s system is ultimately more secure.

Database upgrades and enhancements from vendors like Rocket Software and Zumasys not only increase security but also add the ability to integrate with the latest technologies, helping to make transfer to the cloud easier. System backups and storage are cheaper and easier than they have ever been.

These are just some of the trends we have been seeing. And, with our combined decades of PICK/MultiValue experience as well as our Google certifications and experience with navigating the GCP environment, we are very prepared to help MV clients navigate the next decade and beyond.

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