MultiValue Vendors Gear Up for Another Year of Rapid Digital Transformation

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Alexandria Leupen, Director of Digital Strategy, Entrinsik

In a time of drastic change and recalibration, the MultiValue community can always rely on Entrinsik’s Informer to help navigate the uncharted waters through native MultiValue reporting with constant evolution and enhancements to address any scenario (e.g., data blending or normalization, connecting to hosted data sources, data curation and governance).

float: leftSince 1984, Entrinsik has worked with and developed MV applications. Informer was introduced to the MV community in 2003 as the only tool that connected natively to MV databases to achieve real-time reporting, preserving MV specific functionality and data views. Since then, Informer has evolved with every major release from the addition of dashboards and SQL connectivity in Informer 4 to data curation/governance and a cloud offering in Informer 5.

When taking into account software and database trends, there is a strong emphasis placed on hosted solutions along with easy access for remote workers. Informer is completely browser-based and can live anywhere, connecting to most cloud-based applications through its REST API connector. It can then seamlessly blend data from multiple sources in Informer Datasets and allow for on-demand or scheduled refreshes of the data.

Embedded Informer allows software providers to white label intuitive self-service business intelligence to enhance their overall product offering. Entrinsik offers customized integrations, the functionality, and the look and feel to achieve a seamless user experience. 

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