National Group Management Corp. Migrates to Reality

NorthgateArinso has received another seal of approval after guiding credit information powerhouse National Group Management Corp. through a problem - free migration to Reality, the company's MultiValue SQL-enabled database environment. 

NGMC, a one-stop shop for credit information within the service industry, deals with clients on both a domestic and international level. The company migrated from its previous database management system to Reality in November in order to take advantage of the greater functionality that Reality provided.

While the logistics of the impending switch had been a cause of concern, says Rosalia Letson, director of operations at NGMC, the eventual outcome surpassed the company's expectations in both performance and simplicity.

"It was like an episode of Seinfeld," says Letson. "Nothing happened, and that was the real beauty of the whole process. It was really incredible, there were zero issues with the whole changeover and the only changes we noticed were the positive ones we had hoped for."

NGMC executives worked hand-in-hand with Northgate's Mark Pick and Mark Fuller, based in Irvine, Calif., plus Tim Gunning, who is stationed in the company's unit in Belfast, Republic of Ireland, in the four months leading up to the migration.

"From our point of view, it is about having a great platform that we know provides the best, most effective and most stable environment for our partners," says Pick, Northgate's vice president, Reality. "Then we take the time to go through every aspect and ensure a seamless migration for our partner."

Since the migration, the relationship between Northgate and NGMC continues with the implementation of a joint consulting project that is providing benefit to NGMC's customer service performance.

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