New Toolset for Creating .NET-Based Applications Available from BlueFinity

The development team at BlueFinity International has released a new version of its toolset designed for creating Microsoft .NET- based applications requiring access to MultiValue logic and databases, mv.NET 4.2.2. mv.NET enables software designers to combine the power and flexibility of proven MultiValue technology with the feature-rich Microsoft .NET environment.  Its seamless integration with Visual Studio provides a rapid application development environment fine-tuned for the MultiValue developer.

As BlueFinity continues to roll out enhancements to its flagship product, its developers are closely watching the market's future directions to bring the latest technologies to the MultiValue and .NET developer communities. 

"The ongoing development work on the mv.NET product range demonstrates BlueFinity's determination, commitment and ability to provide the MultiValue community with industry leading development tools for the Microsoft .NET environment," explains David Cooper, lead developer at BlueFinity. 

"These tools allow the rapid creation of state-of-the-art, industry standard applications which can be deployed across any of the wide range any of today's interface devices - workstations, browsers, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices."

mv.NET 4.2.2, available now, includes support for D3 Release 9 and mvBASE Release 3, support for the new MVSP socket connectivity, as well as enhancement to support secure connectivity (SSH) over IP based connections for all databases supported by mv.NET.

The new release also provides the convenience of allowing multiple EMR locations to be defined and listed within Entity Modeling in Data Manager. There is also an enhancement to the XAML wizard to allow it to generate code incorporating the standard Silverlight AutoCompleteBox control.  This allows dynamic lists (representing data selections from the underlying MultiValue database) to be displayed in a control similar to that used in web browsers to capture the desired web URL address.

Plans for the March release of mv.NET 4.2.3 are currently underway. Register for a free trial or online demonstration at the BlueFinity website.