New Updates for Revelation’s OpenInsight Platform

Revelation’s OpenInsight solution continues to be enhanced, this time with new reporting tool upgrades and other updates.

In conjunction with the Linear Hash Reporting and Resizing Tool released in March 2016, Revelation is publishing a sizelock administration tool called RTI_SET_SIZELOCK. 

This tool will enable OpenInsight system administrators to view linear hash statistics within an application and identify and modify the file sizelock parameter.

The sizelock parameter is used to control the automatic resizing of the primary address space.

If another user is adding information, it is possible that the system could determine that a table needs to be resized.

The RTI_SET_SIZELOCK tool will allow an OpenInsight system administrator to globally set the sizlelock parameter on all or select tables. 

Additionally, Revelation is releasing Universal Driver NUL v5.0.0.5 for OpenInsight 9.4.

Version for the platform contains bug fixes, an improved UD manager, and a client installer which exposes more UD5 features.  A bug which caused a client to hang upon repeated toggling of the resize service is fixed.

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