New Version of Rocket U2 Web DE Coming Soon

Rocket has announced there will be an updated version of Rocket U2 Web DE coming this quarter, and that D3 connection pooling is now available.

In addition, the company says registration for Rocket MultiValue University (MVU) is now open.

Rocket will be releasing version 5.2.0 for U2 Web DE coming this quarter with an emphasis on the new monitoring and logging functionality. U2 Web DE is a visual development tool that provides a complete environment to create and maintain your web applications, ensuring maximum business uptime and eliminating interruptions to business operations. Monitoring enhancements include features such as a traffic light indicator to illustrate the system's performance statistics, response time tracking, license consumption, and better exception reporting. All of these new features will help users to remain on top of the health of their systems.

Rocket has also announced D3 connection pooling for Rocket MVS Toolkit, MVSP .NET and MVSP Java API. Connection pooling will allow the user to reuse connections for future requests from a cache of database connections. Some of the highlights for the MVS toolkit are Web server component upgraded to Jetty server 9.2.9 and the Java runtime environment (JRE) has been upgraded to JRE 1.8. There is now also added support for alternate character encoding for Java and added support for enterprise licensing through a WCF connection for .NET as well.

Rocket MVU, to be held October 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV, will be an informative convention for users of Rocket’s MultiValue tools. Registration is open now, and there is special early bird pricing for attendees that register before July 11.

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