NorthgateArinso Extends Partnership with Nebraska Furniture Mart Through 2016

NorthgateArinso Extends Partnership with Nebraska Furniture Mart Through 2016

NorthgateArinso (Northgate) and Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) have announced that they have extended their partnership agreement through 2016. "We are excited to have this level of partnership with Nebraska Furniture Mart," says Mark Pick, vice president, Reality, "and we don't take it lightly. Long-term relationships such as this show our commitment to our customers, Reality and to the MultiValue community."

"We believe in the future of Reality and the future of this partnership," adds Jim Fried, management consultant for NFM. "Once you find something that works, then you stick with it. That is how we see the connection we have with Northgate. We are delighted to be moving forward together," he notes. "Looking ahead we see our relationship with Northgate as a critical asset and Reality as a technology that will drive us forward."

Through NFM's history, natural disasters including tornados and floods were dealt with by rebuilding and renovating, but recent years brought lurking obstacles of a less obvious variety. A commitment to technology was soon adopted as standard practice, as NFM sought to further strengthen its position in its sector. When NFM's previous DBMS was no longer deemed sufficient to provide the kind of functionality the company required, NFM initially undertook an exhaustive selection process, during which Northgate emerged as the clear leader due to its commitment to MultiValue technology and its expertise in the field. NFM chose to migrate to Reality in the form of a partnership with Northgate. A seamless migration in 2007 laid the foundation for a business union that has expanded into a 10-year commitment, thereby guaranteeing continuity and stability on both sides.

"This firm believes in being prepared for whatever is thrown at us," notes David Ragan, NFM's senior database administrator. "That is a major reason why Northgate held great appeal," he adds. "As time goes on, our business is going to become more web-centric and we now have the platform to adapt in whatever direction we need to."

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