ONgroup Creates Web-Based Admin Tool for MVON#

ONgroup is introducing a new web-based administration tool to simplify and streamline administration of the MVON# environment. 

Open files, program variables, subroutines and executes are all monitored, providing a holistic view of the system and how it is performing, allowing for continuous improvement and more effective administration of the MVON# system.

With the new tool, day-to-day tasks are carried out smartly and efficiently, using the intuitive web interface.  Accounts, users, and their details, processes and process stack can be administered effortlessly.

The Profiling tool allows monitoring of all activity taking place, from subroutine calls, file reads and writes, selects, and pretty much every activity performed by the application. 

Time taken for each activity is displayed, as well as the number of times the activity has been applied. With pinpoint accuracy, this enables fast identification of areas that may need to be improved and made more productive.

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