ONgroup Offers Free IDE for MultiValue Developers

ONgroup is making two free-to-use software products that are extensions for Visual Studio Code available to MultiValue developers.

The MV# Developer extension provides MultiValue developers with a VS-like IDE.

The extension works with most MV types (UD, UV, QM, MVON#, D3 and others) and has these features:

  • Code formatting, folding and highlighting
  • Intellisense for statements and functions
  • GOTO / Peek for internal subroutines, CALL, CHAIN and INCLUDE routines
  • Syntax checking and linting

The MV# Debugger extension, which currently depends on MVON#, adds full visual and interactive debugging functionality.

ONgroup is a software and services company that is helping organizations Worldwide to integrate MultiValue technology with top tier DBMS products and technologies from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

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