RDM Infinity Helps Western Nevada Supply Upgrade its Legacy Systems

Western Nevada Supply recently chose RDM Infinity to consolidate a variety of service centers into a state-of-the-art distribution center by modernizing Western Nevada’s legacy warehouse management system (WMS).

Founded in 1964, Western Nevada Supply is a family-owned wholesale supplier of plumbing, landscaping, waterworks, HVAC, hydronics, solar, and industrial products.

For years, Western Nevada Supply operated seven different service centers on a 21-acre campus: one service center for plumbing contractors, another for landscapers, another for HVAC, and so on. Then the leadership team decided to consolidate all of those service centers into a 75,000-square- foot, state-of-the-art distribution center.

“Right out of the gate, one of the big challenges we faced was that our handheld devices were dying,” said Rick Reviglio, president and co-owner, Western Nevada Supply. “We’d purchased new handhelds, but our old system didn’t talk to them. So I said to the RDM team: can you get our legacy WMS to talk to these handhelds? And they said yes, absolutely. Then I handed them our wishlist—all the things we wanted to add or upgrade in our legacy WMS. We wanted replenishment. We wanted multi-pick orders. And the RDM team put together a proposal for delivering all of those enhancements to our existing system.”

The relationship between RDM Infinity and Western Nevada Supply has been a beneficial collaborative partnership.

“RDM doesn’t try to force us into a box,” said Charlie Blair, director of operations at Western Nevada Supply. “They work with us to build software that supports our processes. We’ll say to them, ‘Here’s what we want.’ And every time, their response is the same: “Yes, we can do that.’ And then they follow through. We’ve yet to find an enhancement that RDM couldn’t deliver. And they always come back with great suggestions for how to make it work even better.”

RDM’s enhancements to Western Nevada’s WMS included the following:

  • No more hardware lock-in - by interacting with a wide range of platforms through RDM’s web-based interface, the company is no longer tied to hardware that will age out and need to be replaced.
  • Directed putaway - RDM’s location master system allows material to be dynamically placed throughout the distribution center. This enables the team to route material efficiently and effectively to a location where the product can be utilized by pickers for faster delivery.
  • Counter sale consolidation - Since Western Nevada Supply is both a distribution center and a full customer service center, the team needed to manage and consolidate material throughout the distribution center without bringing individual items to the service counter. The counter sale consolidation feature enables warehouse employees to stage material as it comes out of the warehouse, consolidate multiple line items from different zones, and make one efficient delivery to the customer.

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