RDM Infinity Hires Tim Rude to Mentor the Next Generation of MV Developers

RDM Infinity, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the Rocky Mountain region, announced that industry veteran Tim Rude will join its team of MultiValue developers to help attract emerging MV developer talent. 

“Tim doesn’t just know MultiValue software—he helped bring it to where it is today,” said Brandon Robinson, head geek at RDM Infinity. “He has years of hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience as one of the chief developers behind the most important tools in our industry. And our growing team will see the benefits.” 

Rude began working with MultiValue software in 1988, most recently serving as senior software development manager at Rocket Software.

In his new role as Multivalue Architect at RDM, he’ll help the next generation of developers hone their skills across all MultiValue platforms. 

“I love being a mentor,” added Rude. “It’s so rewarding to empower younger developers by helping them build skills and solve problems. And I’m excited to work with RDM, because they’ve established a reputation as an innovative company that’s committed to modernizing MultiValue technology and rejuvenating the MultiValue space.”  

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