Readers Select the Best MultiValue Database in the 2022 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards

Digital transformation has accelerated more than ever before because of the intersecting confluence of disrupted supply chains, rising inflation, geopolitical instability, energy price spikes, the ongoing global pandemic, and climate change.

With more data being created, making the right choices among the countless options for data management and analytics is a top priority for many organizations. To help organizations progress along their data-driven journeys, each year, DBTA presents the 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards which provide the opportunity to recognize companies whose products have been selected by the experts—our readers.

MultiValue software vendors continue to address emerging challenges and opportunities that are affecting the IT landscape by continuing to add new features and integrate with other platforms and services, helping their loyal and committed customers to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

The top three vote getters this year are: Rocket Software MultiValue Suite (D3/UniVerse/UniData/jBASE/OpenQM), Revelation OpenInsight, and Pick Cloud.

Performance, monitoring tools, and integrations with new technologies and languages are critical going forward and Rocket provides modern features and options for easy management and automation of our customers’ unique workflows. Rocket MV also provides the latest security enhancements, performance improvements , strong High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) and modern tools, contributing to customer success, according to Jeanette Shea, product marketing at Rocket.

Revelation OpenInsight is a NoSQL MultiValue database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0 and .Net tools to develop and deploy mission critical applications.

Pick Cloud makes MultiValue easy by helping businesses revolutionize their unique MultiValue environments with the cloud. In just minutes, Pick Cloud customers can deploy and begin managing applications and workloads on our proven, secure hosted public cloud platform. Pick Cloud delivers the benefits of cloud computing within a single or multi-tenant environment.