Revelation Software Gears Up for OpenInsight 10.2 Release

Revelation’s flagship platform, OpenInsight, is being upgraded to help ease the transition for users who may still be using older versions of the product.

“We’re pushing to get this out because the older versions of the product, the 9.X versions, are 10 or 15 years old now and has an end-of-life of March 30, 2023,” said Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation Software. “We’re trying to squeeze as many user requests in this release as possible to make the transition seamless as possible.”

OpenInsight 10.2 engine is being completely rewritten, according to Ruane, for faster processing. The look and feel of the output will be the same though.

The JAVA run time engine has also been enhanced. Other updates include a slew of user and developer requests that make it easier for developers and power users to make changes to the things they need to faster.

Revelation’s e-learning course is also getting some upgrades. The e-learning course is a series of tutorials and tips for how to get the most out of OpenInsight.

Due to the pandemic, several customers have moved their applications to the cloud, Ruane said. However, printing records is still a challenge. There will be a feature update to solve this problem though that will process records as a PDF file to make it easier to print.

OpenInsight 10.2 boosts administration capabilities across the web with tweaked admin tools inside product. As a local or app admin users can pop on to see who’s doing what to closely maintain security.

In the future, Revelation will be enhancing front end business processing for PCs and workstations by moving more to the backend to make processing faster and secure.

“There’ll be a lot less data jumping back and forth across the internet so there will be a lesser chance of something being hijacked,” Ruane said.

Revelation also is looking to add graphics such as themed images, embeded QR, and barcodes.

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