Revelation Software Goes on the Road to Showcase O4W Mobile

Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation Software will be demonstrating  O4W (OpenInsight for Web) Mobile at user group meetings and conferences across the country and the U.K. this summer and early fall. In the presentations, Ruane’s team will show attendees how easy it is to build a mobile application with Revelation’s software. “We are trying a unique hands-on approach.  We are bringing a small wireless network and we will allow attendees to connect to our local network. Mike is going to walk them through the ease of building a very small mobile application for a pizza ordering system,” Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation, tells DBTA. 

The purpose of the presentations is to meet users and get feedback, explains Catalano.  “We are not insulated here. We try to listen to what people want and react to it in a timely fashion.”

Ruane will first present at the Seattle Area Pick User Group on June 20, 2013; and then at the Pick Regional User Conferences 2013, hosted by TigerLogic, in Newport Beach, Calif., on Aug. 8, and in Hollywood, Fla., on Sept. 18. He will also present at the Revelation Software U.K. User Group Meeting on Sept. 25; and at the Colorado MultiValue Users Group (CMUG) on Oct. 8.

The reason for the presentation at the TigerLogic conference, Catalano explains, is that Revelation has an OI connector to TigerLogic’s D3 database, in addition to other databases. “TigerLogic has allowed us to connect to their database using our OI for D3 connector,” notes Catalano. Whether developers are using Rocket U2, TigerLogic D3, LadyBridge OpenQM, as well as others, the Revelation's connection technology can allow them to develop mobile-based apps and still retain their back-end database, says Catalano.

The schedule of Revelation Software’s O4W Mobile presentations is available here