Revelation Software Hosts Enlightening User Conference

Revelation Software recently hosted its user conference in Orlando, Florida, for an eager crowd of developers who wanted to learn more about all aspects of the company’s technology, including the  much-anticipated OpenInsight 10 release.

“It was a great place to not only work hard but, for our guests and employees, a place to unwind,” said Robert Catalano, director of sales and marketing, Revelation Software. “We have customers all over the globe and it’s very nice that we’re able to engage with them when we hold our conferences.”

The main focus of the conference was driven by questions about the release of OpenInsight 10, which has been delayed due to an overhaul of the platform.  “We went straight into talking about OpenInsight 10,” Catalano said.

However, Revelation was able to provide attendees with an alpha version of the platform, allowing the company to garner feedback for further enhancements to the solution.

“We were able to distribute to each attendee an alpha version of the product so they can get a good feel for what’s inside the product, although not 100% functional, because so much has changed. They can navigate through the product to see what’s new, exciting, and what makes sense,” Catalano said.

Revelation held informative sessions and roundtable discussions during the event focused on remote desktop services and web form designing along with introducing tuning tools for apps and databases. “As our clients have big data, speed and efficiency are very important to their applications,” Catalano said.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, according to Catalano. “They were pleased we were able to give them an alpha copy of OpenInsight to take home and attendees were thankful because they got to engage with their peers and that camaraderie may translate into business opportunities as well,” Catalano said.

The next event will take place in about 18 months, Catalano added. “It will be somewhere between 18 months and 2 years from now,” Catalano said. “It’s a huge trip, it’s a huge expense, and we understand that.”