Revelation Software Releases OpenInsight 10

Revelation Software is launching OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 10, introducing new development tools, increasing security, and more.  

“For most of Revelation’s history the OpenInsight releases have been evolutionary, this one is revolutionary,” said Mike Ruane, president and CEO Revelation Software. “We have a brand new look and feel from the developers’ point of view.”

OI 10 provides a new IDE, visually similar to modern application development tools, yet still designed for the MultiValue developer. Each of the product’s designers, for forms, tables, reports and all others are now contained into a single, cohesive workspace.

Arev64, the next generation of Revelation’s Advanced Revelation emulator, now utilizes the full power and capabilities of modern 64-bit architectures.

“We’re up there working on modern devices, pc’s, modern networks,” Ruane said. “We’ve also brought security up more because security has become an issue.

With increased concerns about security and privacy, including upcoming GDPR requirements, a number of enhancements and changes have been made to strengthen data security.

The OpenInsight Management Console is a browser-based database management tool for system administrators.

The update also improves Git Integration – OpenInsight’s repository based environment is integrated to the Git source code management system – and Universal Driver 5.1 supports 64-bit and VSS capabilities.

“We’re finally here and we’re quite pleased,” said Robert Catalano, director of sales, Revelation Software. “We’re excited to release this new product.”

Also included in OI 10 are a number of enhancements for the MultiValue Base Filing System (MVBFS), Cloud Based Filing System (CBFS), NetOI/RevDotNet, OIPI.Net/OIPI, SQL Connector, Editor ++/Basic+, OECGI4 and CTO.

“We are able to connect to the Couchbase server and data store and store our OpenInsight data within a Couchbase environment,” Catalano said.

The company hopes to invest in expanding to Linux servers in the future, according to Ruane, while also garnering feedback from users for other improvements.

“We get a fair amount of feedback from our beta customers,” Ruane said. “I’m sure there are plenty of users out there that want more. We look forward to finding out what they would like to have us do.”

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