Revelation Software Unveils Redesigned Website

Revelation Software has completely redesigned its website, using the Joomla content management system.  “The nice thing is that our O4W and our SQL connector are tightly connected with the Joomla site as well. The underlying database in Joomla is MySQL and, using our SQL Connector, we are able connect to the MySQL database and integrate it into our own OpenInsight database as well,” Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation Software, explained in an interview.

The advantage is that there is a flow within the site so that a person might be looking at Joomla pages, but if they click on a certain link, they will actually be viewing an O4W page - and the transition is seamless, noted Catalano. The site has also been reorganized to more clearly brand the products and features, added Catalano.

In other news, Revelation is working on OpenInsight 10.0 and will continue doing so for the rest of the year and a good part of 2014, said Catalano. Because of work involved with getting to 64-bit, there may also be an interim release.

New in OpenInsight 10.0 is an interface to Git, which is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency, said Catalano. OpenInsight Git has been designed to be as transparent as possible and will provide benefits including the backup of source code; version control; change control; and collaboration with developers remote to an organization’s location. It mirrors an organization’s OpenInsight source code, stored procedures, windows, messages, and help, as text files in Windows directories. 

And in personnel news, Catalano noted, developer Bill Reynaldos has rejoined the Revelation Software.

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