Rocket Boosts mvBase Platform with Enhancements

Rocket Software is making improvements to its mvBase platform, delivering new enhancements customers are looking for.

mvBase 3.3 adds remote files, Windows 10 64-bit support, overflow management, and patch updates.

The Remote File enhancement in mvBase 3.3 allows customers to exchange data between instances of mvBase without the need for an intermediate process. 

What this means is that customers with dispersed operations can make data available at remote locations to perform business transactions against it in real time, according to John Bramley, vice president at Labs at Rocket Software.

In addition, Rocket has added Windows 10 support to mvBase, so customers running mvBase-based solutions can readily upgrade to new servers as needed and have more flexibility in how they host mvBase in their data centers.

This upgraded release will benefit all MV customers, Bramley said.

“We think it’s to the benefit of all mvBase customers to move to this new version of mvBase,” Bramley said. “This release not only includes enhancements, but also a number of resolutions for reported customer issues, so there is potential practical benefit for all mvBase customers.”

As Rocket looks to the future, the company iscommitted to MultiValue, Bramley explained. 

“Our R&D plans for mvBase are to continue to listen to our customers and partners, and to provide high-value enhancements and fixes, as well as to expand opportunities for those customers to get value from other Rocket products,” Bramley said.

Customer needs will continue drive Rocket’s future investment for mvBase and the other MultiValue products.

“In addition, one of the advantages of working with Rocket is that we have a broad portfolio of complementary solutions that we can draw on to meet customers’ needs,” Bramley said. “As a partner and solution provider, Rocket is well-positioned to continue to meet the needs of mvBase customers, both in the narrow sense of enhancing mvBase, and in the broader sense with complementary solutions.”

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