Rocket Software Announces U2 Development Lab Reorg

To improve quality and time to market for new features in the U2 product line, going forward, Rocket U2 will have two separate development labs:  U2 Database Servers and U2 Tools, according to Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, Rocket Software. Each lab will comprise development, QA, product management, information development and support, and from a customer perspective, there will be little, if any, change.  However, the reorganization will change the management team, and some of the individuals with whom customers interact.

Vinnie Smith, who has a long history with the U2 Business, is being promoted to managing director of the U2 Tools Lab. Smith has previously been the leader of the WW U2 Support team, the U2 Tools product manager, designed the U2BusinessConnect system, and most recently has led projects to improve U2 product delivery effectiveness by designing and instituting best practices.   He has extensive experience with our SB/XA product as both a developer and a customer, and is uniquely qualified to serve in this position.

Dan McGrath is being promoted to managing director of the U2 Servers Lab.  McGrath has been the product manager for the U2 Servers as well as other U2 products.  Previous to joining Rocket, he worked for IMB Bank in Australia.

Helen Beylkin has moved to the position of director of strategic technology for the U2 business.  In this role, she will lead key projects aimed to ensure the U2 products meet the future technology requirements for your organizations. 

In addition, Rocket U2 has also announced a new white paper on migration assistance options. A complete description of all the options that are currently available to assist customers migrating to UniVerse from another MultiValue database are included within a whitepaper, titled “Migrations Assistance Options Overview.”  Access it at