Rocket Software Empowers Latest Version of MVIS to Provide Faster and Easier Modernization

Rocket Software, a global technology leader that develops enterprise modernization and optimization solutions, is launching version 1.3 of the new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS). Additionally, the platform is now available at no cost to maintenance partners and customers on the Rocket UniVerse and UniData components of the MultiValue application platform.

“More and more we hear that customers need to modernize and they are being pressured to integrate their applications on the web,” said Hernando Borda, MV senior product manager at Rocket. “MVIS is about exposing MultiValue data and business logic as APIs.”

Rocket MVIS 1.3 empowers teams to leverage modern languages and frameworks to access MultiValue data and business logic, allowing enterprises to join and thrive in the API economy and the cloud.

“They can take their technology and expand and integrate everything to the web so they can answer that demand to play in the API economy,” Borda said.

With this release, customers on the latest versions of UniVerse and UniData now gain access free of charge to powerful new functionality required by development teams with a low-code/no-code approach that is cloud-ready and provides users with round-the-clock connectivity.

The latest release offers new features for modernizing the development and deployment of existing MV applications as well as developing new ones.

Additional features of the new MVIS 1.3 include:

  • New licensing and pricing – free to existing customers using Rocket UniVerse and UniData on maintenance programs
  • Cloud-ready low-code/no-code approach
  • Support for vanity URLs for segmenting and managing access to application and data to meet business requirements
  • Auto Swagger definitions for easily understandable API explanations
  • Support of OAuth to allow APIs to integrate with third-party authentication providers and authorization servers such as Auth0 and Okta, ensuring seamless integration with enterprise application security configurations
  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with flexible and efficient deployment options

“Customers will be able to start building applications all at no cost to begin,” Borda said. “This is a wonderful part of the announcement and will be a win-win for us and our customers.”

Rocket MVIS can help enterprises extend business opportunities, attract and retain younger developers, and get products to market faster while minimizing TCO with flexible and efficient deployment options.

“This is all about helping customers be successful so they can achieve those legendary outcomes,” Borda said.

By empowering developers to quickly and easily create RESTful APIs, MVIS is the path forward for enterprises powered by Rocket MultiValue to continue creating legendary outcomes, according to the vendor.

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