Rocket Software Introduces Discover 1.5

Rocket Software has announced a new version of Rocket Discover, a self-service data preparation, visualization, and discovery solution for business users.  Discover version 1.5 contains new features that make it easier for end users to display data insights and allow for organizations to make better business decisions with the help of their data.

Rocket Discover integrates with all data sources including MultiValue systems, the mainframe, and other non-relational data.

A key new feature set in the latest release gives IBM Cognos BI and TM1 business users immediate access to critical data for ongoing analysis and potential course corrections that could impact their entire business. Rocket Discover provides users with native connectivity to these data sources, enabling  a direct view to the data so they can create their own dashboards in minutes without relying on analysts or IT.

In addition, another new feature focuses on data preparation in order to make the time to create dashboards shorter by creating the queries faster. Smarter self-service data prep accelerates data enrichment across relational, mainframe, and local data sources for richer visualization and deeper discovery. Dashboards are populated by queries, so the faster the queries are created the sooner they are available for dashboard creation. Version 1.5 now provides “auto-joins” and “auto-hierarchies.” Discover suggests joins based on evaluation of like-named columns and column context, and “auto-hierarchies” uses a correlation algorithm based on the first 1,000 rows to identify correlations between columns. Finally, presentation mode allows for users to view their insights in an interface-free presentation format, while still allowing users to get into the source data if needed.

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