Rocket Software Plans Innovations for 2020 and Beyond

Rocket Software is looking ahead to the future and with it, Andy Youniss, president and CEO of Rocket, says he sees there is room to grow.

“The things MV did 30 years ago still function today,” he said. “What’s important to customers and partners is they know Rocket will continue to innovate to deliver modern technology that customers deserve and demand.”

Rocket is currently evolving new technology such as machine learning, modern languages tools, cloud, etc, into its MV platform.

“We are talking with customers about what’s important to them,” he said. “Some say it’s all about cloud, to others it’s all about the data. They have this valuable information stored in MV and need to know how to get insights on that.”

Youniss explained that Rocket wants the next generation of app engineers to be able to walk up to MV and produce something quickly, allowing them to be able to connect to other pieces of data immediately across the enterprise.

“We are going to continue to innovate around MV and customers are responding well to that because they are looking for partner like Rocket who will invest on their behalf so they can cont to do great things with their apps for MV,” Youniss said.

Customers are asking for cloud native capabilities in and around MultiValue, according to Youniss. When customers say cloud it means modern, next-generation, standard languages and tools, devOps, agility, continued integration, and deployment, he said.

“Every customer when they say cloud means something slightly different,” he said.

Security is paramount and Rocket can support a variety of computing platforms that allow for encryption and other safeguarding tools.

As Rocket continues to move forward the company is going to spotlight more of its customers’ success stories. A new branding called, “Legacy Powers Legendary” will drive that forward.

“These legacy technologies truly do power legendary businesses and legendary outcomes that have impact in the world,” said Youniss. “Our customers are doing amazing things based on their technology which is powered by our technology.”