Rocket Software Powers Food Truck Businesses

Alcomtec is a Rocket Software partner based in Lima, Peru. The company builds a wide range of technology tools that help businesses solve their critical problems and grow their revenues.

Alcomtec launched Fudtrak and Fudtraker, two digital tools that are powering the food truck industry by enabling owners to manage everything from inventory to orders to payments in a single app—both underpinned by Rocket technology.

“People love food trucks, but they don’t always know where to find them,” said Jaime Luna, president of Alcomtec.

To fix this problem, the company developed Fudtraker, a mobile app that helps enthusiasts find their favorite food trucks.

Features of the platform include directions to food trucks through Google Maps integration, social media integrations, the ability to view menus and call food trucks from within the app, and the ability to place online orders.

Complementing Fudtraker is an equally powerful app, Fudtrak, which offers inventory management at the recipe level as well as a point of sale (POS) solution that’s optimized for web and mobile use.

It also offers a configurable dashboard that gives owners at-a-glance insights into their operations.

Luna built both apps using the Rocket UniData application platform, integrating RESTful services as well as Angular and Flutter to flesh out the mobile and web interfaces.

The app is hosted using a public cloud service, making it easy to scale cost-effectively as demand increases.

As COVID-19 rages on, Alcomtec’s solutions are now allowing food trucks to make deliveries and serve small market places that may be seeing food shortages due to supply chain disruptions and lock down orders.

“We are adapting the application for this new reality,” said Luna. “We are getting really good results.”

Alcomtec is planning on introducing new features to these solutions and with the flexibility of UniData, Luna said it will be easy to configure and continue to evolve.

“It fits what the food trucks need,” said Luna. “Using Rocket products gives us the ability to respond to customers’ needs.”