Rocket Software Provides COVID-19 Tools for Remote MV Work

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, several companies have been instrumental in providing tools to promote remote workplace safety. Rocket Software is among the organizations that reacted swiftly when shelter in place orders were announced.

The company has been reaching out to customers and partners to make sure organizations have what they need to work remotely.

Rocket has also reached out to help with the Open Mainframe Project which is a universal COBOL initiative that has different states calling on programmers to help with unemployment sites across the U.S.

“We discovered people need help and advice with working securely remotely,” said Gary Gregory, general manager, database business unit.

Rocket extended licenses for its programs, a temporary measure that will serve businesses that rely on Rocket MV platforms.

Rocket is also offering free education on GitHub along with providing MultiValue University courses that include demonstrations, seminar type training, interactive Q&A,  and exercise examples.

“The response has been phenomenal,” said Gregory, “We are putting together more educational features, reaching out to our partners to put together some MV best practices.”

As customers adapt to working from home long term, Gregory said that their bond with users will deepen and continue.

“This will generate a lot more to talk about and improve what we’ve done to help the MV ecosystem get through this,” Gregory said.

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