Rocket Software Releases v1.6 of its MultiValue Performance Experience

Rocket Software is committed to our MultiValue (MV) solutions and our customers who rely on MV. To support this commitment, our team of software engineers is adding new, modern features to our MV solutions and developing new, modern MV applications like the Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX:P).

If you’re not familiar with MVX: P, it’s a free performance monitoring application for Rocket UniVerse. We’ve designed MVX:P specifically for DBAs or developers with DBA responsibilities who need to improve performance. MVX:P monitors UniVerse and sends alerts when there is a performance-impacting event. Alerts allow DBAs to quickly address performance issues, but they don’t have to manually monitor UniVerse, they can instead focus on their job.

Originally launched in December 2021, v1.6 is our sixth release (yes, our R&D team is working on an agile release schedule) that contains new features that our customers have been requesting as well as certification on new operating systems, and bug fixes.

One question we often hear is: Does running MVX:P negatively impact performance? I’m happy to say that we have certified that MVX can monitor up to 100 instances at a time without undue performance hits.

MVX:P 1.6 also sports a redesigned user interface for easier navigation with more usable space for important monitoring information. Its new "cyclical" navigation approach enables you to access a comprehensive snapshot of all your data for an instance from anywhere inside the MultiValue Performance Experience application. This approach enables you to quickly access the information you need so you can move fast and take effective action.

Speaking of snapshots, the application’s performance dashboard shows a combined snapshot of performance data and instance details.  I say combined because previous versions included the same details, but they were shown separately across the application experience.

Upgrade to v1.6 if you’d love the ability to complete a task directly from the Event Manager. For example, you can see all alerts about oversized files in the event manager. If you bring up files on your server, you can place the alerts side by side with the files on the server and quickly select and resize the offending files.

If you’ve been waiting for support for Windows 11, Rocky Linux 8.x, or Alma Linux 8.x (both using Docker 10.10.22 or higher), MVX:P 1.6 is the version for you because we’ve certified it on these operating systems in addition to the other operating systems we’ve supported in previous versions.

Finally, we’ve fixed a few bugs. We’ve improved memory calculations to show better stats. We’ve also improved functionality around setting up and managing email alerts. Finally, we’ve made sure that users with “viewer access” permissions can now see the editable Event Threshold Table fields.

For a demo of MVX:P, please email Mary Schulz, the product manager here at Rocket Software at She’s also happy to provide you with more information on this application. If you’re ready to try MVX:P, visit RBC to place your order and it’s a free download for our UniVerse customers with an active maintenance agreement.