Rocket Software Upgrades UniVerse Platform

Rocket Software is updating its UniVerse application platform to include support for new languages and enhance replication for high availability and disaster recovery.

Additional upgrades to the platform include streamlined audit logging to automate compliance documentation for regulations and standards such as HIPAA and PCI.

By adding native Python support it opens UniVerse development to a new generation of programmers versed in the open source language and tools.

Audit Logging helps organizations document compliance with tax and federal regulations by tracking all steps taken using UniVerse through a new streamlined audit architecture.

“This gives more visibility into transactions and any type of activity that has taken place within the application,” said Clay Allison, product manager for UniVerse. “It also gives us capabilities to provide the client with comfort around security they have as well.”

 In addition to industry-specific regulations, companies can use audit logs as a component of a risk management strategy to prevent potential problems before they occur and proactively identify potential fraud.

Enhanced replication capabilities offer robust disaster recovery options to ensure organizations address increasing demands to protect critical information and prevent catastrophic data losses.

 “Our investment continues in the MultiValue products and will continue to do so in the future to meet the needs of our customers for the commercial requirements of the marketplace,” said Vinnie Smith, managing director of the MV lab at Rocket Software.

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