Rocket Software Users Drive Latest MV Enhancements

Rocket Software is in the midst of conducting several product alpha and beta programs to implement user feedback into new and existing products.

The fall of 2020 is about Rocket engaging with its MultiValue user base, during these programs customers can provide critical feedback on features they need to modernize and optimize their applications, ranging from API development to helping define metrics that they want to monitor for better performance.

“This is a result of wanting to get customers involved at an early stage with our products so they can test new features and provide feedback, ultimately improving the end user experience,” said Julianna Cammarano, director of product management for MultiValue at Rocket Software.

Two new open source products are part of the programs; UniObjects for Python (UOPY) and Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code. Now the next generation of MultiValue developers can leverage a full stack Python offering and they can develop in one of their favorite user interfaces., she said.

There are two betas going on for the new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) with key enhancements such as vanity URLs and improved security plus integration for our Rocket D3 base.

Rocket will also introduce a free offering for users on maintenance called the MV Performance Experience (MVX: P). Users will be able to see what’s going on under the hood of their application servers. They can monitor performance metrics,  drill-down into the details and address issues in real-time. There will also be a recommendations engine that  provides administrators with options to resolve reported issues.

These ongoing programs are being boosted by MultiValue University (MVU) sessions.  The goal of MVU is to provide a remote learning experience for our users during COVID-10, she said. They provide customers with tons of great content from “how-to” demos and best practice guidance to previews of upcoming technology. They provide another way to connect with Rocket.

“We think the combination of our beta programs that seek customer input, and MVU which provides ongoing education, will help provide our base with continuous value that we know is important to our customer base,” said Cammarano.

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