Rocket Software to Debut New MultiValue eLearning Initiative

Rocket Software announced it will launch the first of its new MultiValue (MV) eLearning modules.

Available in late February, the first module is an MV Foundation path that covers eight topics: querying files and records; editing records and fields; creating files; describing files, records, and fields with a dictionary; creating interactive (I-type) fields; manipulating selections of data with select lists; writing a simple program with prompts and conditional logic in a paragraph; and increasing performance with hashed files and indexes.

After speaking to several Rocket Software MV customers about their biggest pain points, the Performance Enablement team, led by Jason Huggins, got to work designing and building the Foundation module to give new hires the base knowledge they need to start working on MV apps. The first module is also great for cross training existing employees who work outside of MV, according to the company.

The foundation module is extensive, and depending on a few factors, users should expect to work on completing the eight tutorials over approximately two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, users will have a solid foundation for working on MV apps.

While the first module is officially supported on Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData, new users of Rocket D3, Rocket jBASE and Rocket OpenQM will also find it helpful.

 Our goal with the new MV eLearning is to make training accessible and available to everyone – wherever you want, whenever you want. We are working every day to bring life back to MV training,” said Huggins, “With no barriers to entry, users can download free trials of Rocket Software MV data servers from the Rocket Software website.”

The Rocket Software Performance Enablement team would love to hear from people who go through the MV Foundation tutorial.

“We want this eLearning to deliver valuable content and be useful. So, since this is our first round, hearing from our users is key,” said Huggins. The platform that hosts the MV eLearning includes a feedback mechanism. Users can also send an email to

To find out what’s next for Rocket Software eLearning, join Rocket Software’s quarterly MV roadmap livestreams, which include an eLearning roadmap. Future eLearning modules will cover Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS), replication, Python and other modernization topics.

The Foundation module, available at no charge, will be accessible from starting March 7th.

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