Rocket U2 Announces Upcoming Release of DataVu Query V2.0; Heather Smiles Joins U2 as Marketing Manager

Rocket's free U2 DataVu Query tool has been enhanced with new capabilities to combine users' queries and results.  Users can filter and quickly create charts with just a couple of clicks. In addition, a new quick-start wizard guides users through the steps to connect to U2 data.

According to Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, Rocket U2, DataVu 2.0 delivers major new features.  "Our customers are excited about the new one-click chart generation feature, which allows you to select columns from a query result and with one click turn them into the chart of your choice."

Another popular new feature is result set joining and appending, Siegesmund tells DBTA.  "This powerful feature allows customers to combine the results of two separate queries with related data, joining them together to present one result set that can then be consumed by DataVu 2.0 for visual reports and dashboards.  And once a dashboard is published, business users can take advantage of the new HyperVu Web Interface with ad hoc charting facilities allowing them to change their view or even export the underlying data directly to Excel with a single click."

Separately, Rocket Software announced that Heather Smiles has joined the U2 team as marketing manager.  Smiles brings strong design skills and a creative mind to the U2 team. 

To learn more about U2 DataVu 2.0, go to U2 DeveloperZone to view a baker's dozen of videos on the newest release of U2 DataVu Report and Dashboard. Start by watching the 25-minute overview video, which highlights key new features. Information about crosstabs, virtual data sources, predictive analytics and other new features is featured.  Users are invited to "Zone In" at and provide feedback at