Rocket U2 Launches Migration Factory for Moving Legacy Solutions to U2

Rocket U2 has introduced the U2 Migration Factory, which facilitates the migration of legacy MultiValue solutions to U2.  The U2 Migration Factory combines an Automated Migration Tool (AMT) with the expertise of migration specialists who have completed more than one thousand successful migrations. 

Free remote assistance is available for basic migrations and proof-of-concept exercises based on the number of users a customer is migrating. Additional assistance is available for comprehensive migration projects including code reworking, assurance testing, project management and status reporting.

Any application running on another MultiValue database would qualify as a candidate for the U2 Migration Factory, "but would you believe there are people still running on Ultimate? We want to provide a simple, low-cost path for them and others to move to the most robust, feature-rich offering in the MultiValue world," Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, Rocket U2, tells DBTA.

Explaining when an organization should begin considering a migration, Siegesmund says, "Typical problems would include aging infrastructure, unstable systems, poor vendor support, inability to scale (both in file sizes and performance under large loads) and the lack of the latest technology features in their existing database server offering."

In addition, Rocket U2 recently released a Personal Edition of UniVerse v11.1.1 on Windows.  According to Rocket U2, the product, which is limited to personal use, is a good way to start learning how to implement the new features available in this latest release of UniVerse.   Rocket U2 also released XAdmin v2.1.3, an Eclipse-based tool that includes key administration functions such as configuration, authorization and performance monitoring and works with either UniData or UniVerse. 

And finally, a third product release from Rocket U2 is U2 DataVu Query v1.1.1, a tool for querying UniVerse and UniData data sources, grouping and aggregation, printing and export to PDF. V1.1.1 brings additional support for SB+ fields that contain complex expressions and improves performance when viewing U2 resource folders.

All three products are available as free downloads at