Rocket U2 Releases Four Updated Products

Rocket U2 has released four enhanced products: System Builder SB/XA 6.1.0 Personal Edition for Windows and UNIX; U2 DataVu 2.0.1 Web and Client for Windows; UniVerse 11.1.4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, and AIX; and UniData 7.2.11 for AIX and Solaris SPARC.

SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) 6.1 delivers aa range of features, including Office Automation integration, .NET custom controls, central client configuration, expanded authentication methods, enhanced zoom and resizing capabilities, XPS PrintTicket support, AutoComplete fields, enhanced spell checking capabilities and streamlined administration and setup screens.

In SB/XA 6.1, presentation components have been enhanced to include options to email query reports in Excel or XPS format from the XPS report viewer.  In addition, Query and Report Writer reports can be exported to Word when viewing the output using the XPS report viewer. The main TU API routines have also been updated to work with the XUI presentation components and additional options to interface with Outlook Appointments are available.

In addition, Rocket U2 has also introduced U2 DataVu 2.0.1 Web and Client for Windows. U2 DataVu 2.0 has been enhanced with a variety of features that make it easier for users to access, analyze and visualize business data. Users can now combine results from queries, apply filters and transformations and quickly create reports and charts with a series of mouse clicks. Drilldown scenarios provide users with the ability to slice their data, accessing underlying information on demand. Predictive analytics, flexible result set joining and appending, cross-tabulations and data normalizations together with result set filtering and improved parameter prompting make U2 DataVu 2.0 both powerful and easy to use.

Business users will also benefit from the new HyperVu web interface which allows them to manage their queries, reports and dashboards and power users will benefit from the new integrated repository which enables any query, report or dashboard to be shared with others.

In addition, Rocket U2 has unveiled UniVerse 11.1.4 with new support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux and AIX, and UniData 7.2.11 now available for the AIX and Solaris SPARC operating systems.

Now that DataVu 2.0.1 (including the free product DataVu Query) has been released, check out the baker's dozen of videos available on U2 DevZone. Start by watching the 25 minute overview video which highlights key new features. Afterward, you are invited to view up to 12 additional demonstrations on the new features of U2 DataVu, including crosstabs, virtual data sources, predictive analytics. Go to

U2 Professional Services also provides an application optimization project in which applications can be decomposed and reassembled it into a much faster version.  For details, email

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