Rocket U2 Releases New Products and Dates for U2U

Rocket U2 has announced the availability of new offerings, including the U2 DBTools package, U2 RESTful Web Services, and wIntegrate v. 6.3. In addition, the dates have been finalized for U2 University, with the U.S. event taking place in downtown Denver May 8 to May 10, followed by the U.K. event from June 26 to 28, and the Australia event scheduled for August 14 to 16.

The first release of the independent U2 DBTools package for both databases, includes the Eclipse-based tools for programming and administration. The latest tools work that with both U2 databases include U2 RESTful Web Services (U2RWS), Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT), Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin), and more.

U2 RESTful Web Services, a recent development from Rocket Software, helps users integrate their U2 database with client applications in any modern language. From Objective-C in their mobile-app to JavaScript running on AJAX-driven web app, RESTful Web Services provide users with an access method to integrate with the critical business logic and application data that drive their organization. This new - and free - offering allows users to leverage the REST style architecture when communicating with either UniData or UniVerse.

In addition, the latest version of wIntegrate, v6.3, is now available.  This new version lets users draw dialog boxes and also generates the U2 Basic code to drive them.

Complete details about U2 products is available at

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