Rocket U2 UniVerse 11.1 to Include Same External Database Access as UniData

UniVerse 11.1, scheduled for release in Q3 of this year, will include the External Database Access functionality that already exists in UniData.  EDA allows users to map files to the format for another database, and then write directly to it.  UniData EDA originally shipped with just a driver for DB2.  "We released the API for building additional drivers with UniData 7.2. Once we were acquired by Rocket, we committed to delivering a driver for Microsoft SQL Server.  Now we're in the process of building a driver that will work with Oracle," Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, Rocket U2, tells 5 Minute Briefing.   Rocket U2 is now looking for people who want to help by testing the driver with their application.

The Rocket U2 team continues a call for beta participants for its new product, U2 DataVu.  Based on Rocket Shuttle, U2 DataVu will provide U2 developers with powerful and flexible ad hoc query, reporting and dashboard capabilities. With native access to UniData and UniVerse U2, developers can use U2 DataVu's graphical drag and drop capabilities to build visual reports and dashboards with zero programming.  If you are interested in testing the new EDA driver for Oracle or participating in the U2 DataVu Beta program, send an email to

Rocket U2 also announced it has completed negotiations to provide support to applications in use within IBM. There are IBM installations of U2 worldwide, and IBM continues to send its staff to U2 training classes.

U2 University 2010 will be held November 9-11 at the Warwick Denver Hotel in Denver, Colo.  Go here for further details and to register for this event.