Rocket UniVerse 11.4.1 and the MultiValue Performance Experience 1.7 Enhance High Availability and Disaster Recovery Features

Rocket Software released the latest versions of UniVerse and the MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) platforms.

UniVerse 11.4.1 is focused on High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) with enhancements and improvements to Replication. UniVerse Replication ensures business continuity to minimize the risk of downtime and data loss.

In UniVerse 11.4.1, the Rocket Software development team has added key features including the new "uv_repadmin" option that helps facilitate recovery from stalled subscriber groups. The Replication Intelligent Queue Manager significantly enhances performance by allowing the subscribing system to recognize multiple updates in the queue for the same file and applies the last update, according to Rocket Software. 

Additionally, Rocket has enabled subscribers to receive logs from older protocol levels, making it easier to test new UniVerse releases while maintaining a production environment on older versions.

“With UniVerse 11.4.1, along with MVX: Performance 1.7.0, our customers will gain an enhanced replication experience, bolstering HA/DR capabilities,” said Christine Rizza, senior product manager, Rocket Software.

MVX: Performance 1.7.0, which is a companion to UniVerse 11.4.1, includes five new replication events providing valuable insights into a customer’s HA/DR environment. These events include alerts for replication log size, replication pacing, replication subscriber lag, replication suspension, and replication subscriber stuck events, helping users proactively manage their systems and investigate and resolve issues as they arise.

“We’re excited to share new versions of both UniVerse and MVX: Performance with our customers and partners,” said Mary Schulz, senior product manager, Rocket Software. “Both products went through a successful beta program with many of our customers and partners, who are excited to begin taking advantage of the valuable new replication features.”

To learn more about UniVerse 11.4.1 and MVX: Performance 1.7, visit the Rocket Software forum here.