SMC Electric Supply Deploys Entrinsik Informer to Gain Valuable Insights

Entrinsik has announced that SMC Electric Supply (SMC) has deployed its Informer reporting and business intelligence software to uncover data and manage it effectively.

SMC, a private, family-owned corporation headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, distributes the automation, data communications, electrical, industrial, pneumatics, safety, and security products used in machine building and manufacturing facilities.

When Jesse Owsley, software program manager at SMC, joined the company, he realized that reporting capabilities within the organization were not sufficient for SMC’s business needs. SMC had multiple databases that held important data, many of which had limited or no reporting abilities within the application. Staff members were either making do with native application reporting, using SQL Management Studio or relying on the IT staff to write custom reports. SMC also lacked the ability to access important live data, such as online accounts being created by customers on the SMC website.


Owsley and other staff members at SMC needed a more efficient way of accessing and managing data within all of their separate data sources. Upon learning about Informer at a conference in 2015, the team was impressed with what the solution could offer – connecting to all of its data sources and  enabling reporting in real time. After a trial, it implemented Informer and was up and running in days, according to SMC.


SMC staff members now have the ability to access and manage data without IT intervention and  use Informer to run their own ad hoc reports and dashboards.  Additionally, the company has gained the ability to automatically schedule and distribute reports to other staff members, management, and vendors.

"With customers all over the globe, Entrinsik is committed to helping manufacturing and distribution organizations balance customer demands while managing costs in an industry where tight margins and excess inventory have a huge impact,” says Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik. “Whether tracking order fulfillment for vendors, reporting on new ecommerce customers as they sign up via a website, or creating top-level charts of sales performance, Informer provides businesses like SMC Electric Supply with the ability to manage daily operations in an easy, transparent way."

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