Snap-on Credit Taps Rocket Software’s UniVerse Platform

Headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, Snap-on Credit provides fi­nancing to technicians, students of automotive technical institutions, and shop owners, enabling their purchase of Snap-on hand tools, power tools, tool storage, and diagnostic products through its Extended Credit program. The company is the financial arm of Snap-on, Inc.—a Fortune 1000 enterprise—and generates collections of more than $2 billion per year.

The processing and servicing of loan applications from around the world encompasses an array of data forms, entry requirements and presentations. Data from many parts of the operation must flow seamlessly and logically in order for Snap-on Credit’s international workforce of 300 people to operate efficiently.

Credit analysts, customer reps, billing and collections personnel, and legal professionals all utilize different combinations of shared data in a variety of formats. For example, originating and managing a loan so an auto-repair shop in Manchester, England can purchase its tools requires different data functionalities than providing a financing solution for someone in Philadelphia that would like to become a Snap-on franchise, or a vocational student in Wyoming that needs to be out­fitted.

In many cases, these processes would require different hardware, software and personnel to manage and perform all of the necessary functions. But after Snap-on Credit purchased a data management platform built by Columbia Ultimate Business Systems on Rocket Software’s UniVerse platform, the company was able to streamline the entire data management into a single HP UNIX server for the U.S. and a Linux server for international operations. And eventually Snap-on Credit’s entire U.S. platform will also run on a Linux server.

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